Fertility & Gynaecology at its best

The Mediserve Clinic has been established for over 30 years. Based in Wimpole Street in the Heartland of Londons most famous Medical district it is run by established, recognised and experienced consultants.

The Mediserve creates a new concept of combining a Clinic specialising in Fertility & Gynaecology with a Private GP Surgery.

Mediserve Clinic Partners with The International Fertility Company and its 174 Fertility Clinics situated over 24 Countries

The International Fertility Company (IFC) is a concierge based service assisting patients to identify and access the most appropriate fertility treatment at home or abroad. Working across 24 countries overseas and through its 174 Clinics, IFC has an experienced team of former patients, medics, therapists and coaches who provide bespoke packages of care, support, treatment and information and now partners with Mediserve Clinic in the UK.

Specialist Clinic

Access to recognised specialist consultants in the various fields of Medicine  with whom close professional relationships have been developed over the last 30 years

Private GP Surgery

Appointments usually within 48 hours of first contact. Fast and professional Clinical diagnosis. Real time referrals to specialist Consultants with video consultations and follow ups. Medicine with a flexible approach.

Fertility and IVF

Specialising in IVF and fertility and working with many overseas and UK Clinics with a caring and professional approach for All.


Practical, Pragmatic and treatments planned with care, understanding and professionalism.

"Professionalism with a personal and caring approach where the Patient is always number one is the foundation of our success"

Dr Koyi James Ugboma

Medical Director and Founder of the Clinic

"The Mediserve Clinic believes that every Patient undergoing Fertility treatment should receive a 5 star tailor made service but at an affordable price, thereby making it more accessible. We support your right to start or grow your Family and let us Partner with you on your journey to success "

Eddie Kuan

Head of IVF, Fertility and Gynaecology

Our Mantra

Specialising in selective Medicine, Fertility and Gynaecology and applying a Holistic View the Clinics mantra towards Patients is:

"You come First, First and First"

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